Sample Development Centre

Sample Making Service


With the supports from CreateHK of the HKSAR Government, a Sample Development Centre (SDC) was established for Hong Kong fashion designers at CITA building since May 2019. It aims to provide an effective design-to-production communication system and service to transform fashion designers’ ideas into prototypes.

All the Hong Kong-based fashion designers are welcome to use our services.

This Centre not only provides prototype sampling service to Hong Kong fashion designers, but also offers technical training workshops for enhance their fashion knowledge.

Our Services

SDC will help Hong Kong Fashion Designers to produce prototype sampling for 1st stage of their collections.

We would charge for each type or style of prototype production. Please contact our representatives, Mr. Radford Chay at (852) 2263 6343 and Mr. Bob Cheung at (852) 2263 6378 or email us at for quotation.